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Monday, September 28, 2009


Ingredients : Fish meat, water, Corn Starch, Palm oil, Potato Flour Sugar, Onions, salt, Flavor enhancer, Pepper.
BPOM MD 217909001453
(Indonesian Agency of Drug and Food Control)

* Meatball Fish/Chicken
* Meatball Shrimp
* Meatball Fish
* Meatball Squid
* Meatball Vegetables
* Others Meatball Products

Please see the Picture :



Serving Suggestion :
Deep Fry
* For best result deep fry in preheated oil until golden brown serve with chili sauce or mayonaise

* Grill or Barbeque the skewerd fish ball and served with chili Sauce or Mayonaise

* Boil the fish ball in the boiled soup until they float

* Cut the fish ball as your favor, mix it with vegetables then saute until well-cooked

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