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Monday, August 8, 2011

Marine Fishes Of South East Asian (Moray, Snake, and Conger Eels )

Snake Eel and Conger EEL
Black Edged Conger, Marbled Snake EEL, Stargazer Snake
Slender Worm EEL, Culverin, Harlequin Snake Eel, Flappy Snake Eel
One-Banded Snake, lack Finned Snake, Estuary Snake, Burrowing Snake, Etc

MORAY EELS (Family Muraenidae)
Black Spotted Moray, Dwarf Moray,Longfang Moray, Marbled Moray
Dragon Moray, Banded Moray,Moluccan Moray, Ribbon Eel
Richardson Moray, White Ribbon Eel, etc

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